Your People

We recognise that people will almost always be your most important asset. Whether they are self employed workers who support you through a contract for services or employees who look to you for a career, we can support you in ensuring that you employ and engage these individuals in the best way possible.

We recognise that IR35 is a particular concern for many larger organisations that retain self employed individuals. We are able to provide you not just with a comprehensive audit of your contracts and working practice to establish your IR35 risk but also we will work with you to ensure that we provide the best solution for you moving forward. Our technology of choice will be Summize to help us understand the risks within your contracts and recommend the appropriate amendments. Whether you are looking for the right form of contract of employment for your employees, looking to implement collective change or introduce new policies and procedures we are here to help. We recognise that workplace disputes happen. We are here to help you resolve any collective or individual disputes effectively and efficiently whether through negotiating an acceptable settlement or running a claim all the way to the employment tribunal on your behalf. We are also well placed to support you on protecting your legitimate business interests by enforcing restrictive covenants against departed employees and partners, where required.