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With arch.portfolio your personal service company will retain up to 70% of the revenue you have billed and been paid. The more revenue generated and delivered, the greater the allocation to your personal service company.



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Support Packages

We recognise that leaving the infrastructure of a large law firm can be daunting and so we have set up different support packages to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible for you:

Gold Package

£ 385
per calendar month
  • This package is aimed to support our Portfolio members. You will need a limited company to contract from as your personal service company. Brookson will set up this limited company for you and will also join you on to their resource platform which enables you to work across any of our three different ways of working – arch.portfolio, arch.resource or Brookson's Flex product will enable you to move between the three different ways of working. Brookson will also help you to set up a bank account for your personal service company. We will submit your revenue share through their online platform into your personal service company. Once you have loaded your expenses receipts and claim online, you will be able to distribute any remaining profit by declaring a dividend. Brookson’s on line offering will produce your company returns and personal tax return efficiently for you. Brookson will also provide you with access to Brookson Financial Services who will be able to provide you with advice around your mortgage, health insurance and life insurance.
  • will provide a laptop package for your use which will have all of the software that you need to operate preloaded so that you have the comfort that everything is set up the way you need it from the outset.
  • Although we are a distributed law firm, there will be occasions when you need or want to work in an office environment. You will have access to our collaborations hubs through our partnership with our flexible workspace provider, which will enable you to use co-working office space. You will also receive £300 credit per annum toward booking additional meeting room space.
  • You will gain access to our corporate welfare programme of choice, allowing you to access online welfare and personal training programmes.
  • £385 + VAT per calendar month will be taken by direct debit each month from your personal service company.
  • Minimum 12 month contract.
  • You will receive our Gold Welcome Pack.

Silver Package

£ 300
per calendar month
  • Our Silver Package is aimed at our Portfolio members who want all of the benefits of the Gold package but either provide their own laptop or use their own accountancy service provider that they will pay for directly, and are happy to pay for access to meeting room space when required.
  • Minimum 6 month contract.
  • You will gain access to our corporate welfare programme of choice, allowing you to access online welfare and personal training programmes.
  • You will receive our Silver Welcome Pack.

Bronze Package

£ 100
per calendar month
  • Our Bronze Package is aimed at all members who do not require corporate or personal accountancy support from Brookson but still need access to the Brookson Flex platform, have their own laptop and will only need occasional access to the offices within our our flexible workspace provider portfolio.
  • Minimum one month contract.
  • You will gain access to our corporate welfare programme of choice, allowing you to access online welfare and personal training programmes.
  • You will receive our Bronze Welcome Pack.

The benefits that we offer within each support package may vary from time to time. The packages detailed above are for illustration purposes only. The actual benefits within a support package will be reflected in your joining pack.

At we are always on the lookout for great quality lawyers.

We recognise that many lawyers in large law firms often find it difficult to receive the investment and support that they need to enable their careers to succeed. If you become part of, we will do everything that we can to ensure that you realise your potential.

We are looking for  individuals that have a desire to push on and achieve more – we want to support and enable you to do just that.

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