Our technology underpins the solutions we provide to your legal needs.


Our solution for clients enabling them to have their own dedicated portal in which we will host their favourite documents that we will automate for them as well as access to our systems.


Is the core productivity and collaboration platform for the lawyers between themselves but also with their clients, using Teams as the core way of engaging with clients, using all of the available functionality rather than just video call.


Is a bespoke power app that supports day to day legal operations and drives self service of registering new clients, matter management, client portal, people onboarding.


Is a custom CRM that leverages Microsoft Lists functionality to provide for full integration between lawyers and clients, enabling us to provide our clients with tailored offerings and updates rather than bombard them with often irrelevant material.


Allows us to collaborate with our clients to build and automate their contracts using Power in MS365 which basic document automation through PowerAutomate including integration with DocuSign e-signature and use of Microsoft Lists to support drafting and management of more complex contracts.

We want to ensure that our client onboarding is as seamless as possible which is why we have partnered with Legl to create a fully digitised client onboarding experience.

We recognise that the preparation and review of contracts is hugely time consuming but massively important to effectively manage risk on an organisation. That’s why we have partnered with Summize to provide the right technology solution for contract review.

We have partnered with Brookson One to ensure that we have the most efficient processes and systems available to support those people that work with under either arch.portfolio, arch.resource or