Cloud Based

Professional IT Operations

24/7 Support | Device Management | Security

Smooth Operating Processes

Automated onboarding & compliance  |  Self-Invoicing* & Recipient Create Tax Invoices (RCTI)

Insight and Transparency

Management and Member dashboards | client portals and push reporting

Best in class digital tools

Qwilr – Client proposals and agreements | Legl* – client onboarding | Armalytix* – automated proof of funds | DocuSign – e-signature & document workflow | HighQ* & NetDocuments – secure document sharing & collaboration | Fireflies- AI enabled meeting transcription

Global Standard Core Platform

ActionStep – legal operations, custom automated data, documents & workflows | Microsoft 365 – productivity & collaboration | Xero – finance

*UK specific 

At, our technology platform is designed to provide a standardised, slick and robust working experience for our Members globally, and to deliver transparency, security and speed for our clients.  Our guiding principles are standardisation, simplicity, security, ease of use, and innovation, all underpinned by high quality technology support.  Naturally our systems are 100% cloud-based, accessed securely and in a standard way from fixed and mobile devices. 

Our core legal platform is based on Actionstep, a world-class legal management system for agile and innovative legal businesses, Microsoft 365, and Xero.  We work with Members and clients to customise our Actionstep platform to deliver specialist workflows, data and management information.

In addition, we integrate digital tools into our legal platform to provide the best and smoothest experience for clients and for our members and staff.  We use Legl, Qwilr and Armalytix to ensure compliant and speedy client engagement, onboarding and work inception.  We work almost exclusively with digitally-signed documents, using Docusign, and we apply AI tools like Fireflies to help us to transcribe meetings and calls.

We provide Members with full transparency via personalised client and matter dashboards, and we deliver MI and analytics to our clients in whatever form they require, including portals and push reporting.

Our processes include self-invoicing for our Members, automated Member payment, and client- and lawyer-friendly, onboarding and compliance processes.

Our entire platform is supported and managed by chosen third parties, including Everything Tech and Cloudify, ensuring high quality 24/7 support, rapid response, and deep product and tool knowledge.