doubles in size in first month of trading

Yesterday marked the first month of being open for business. We have developed & grown enough businesses in my time to know that there are different phases that a business needs to go through to ensure success:

Phase 1: Setting out the strategy and proposition – achieved over the six months prior to launch following on from feedback from our contacts and clients;

Phase 2: Develop the processes and systems to enable a robust and scalable platform to operate effectively – this, as ever, became a scramble for the finishing line but we got the majority of this finished prior to the 8th March launch;

Phase 3: Build the team: this is where our focus has been and we are delighted that we have doubled the members now on from the initial launch team to over 22 who have either joined or will do shortly;

Phase 4: engage the clients: take the proposition to market and start to scale.

We are still very focused on phase 3 but are also moving to phase 4 over the next few months. We would just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey so far – there is a lot more to come so please do watch this space.

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