Frequently Asked Questions


We build as a law firm for the future, not based in the past. We recognise that being able to work from wherever you want, however you want and whenever you want is vitally important to lawyers these days and so we build as the best platform to achieve this.

We have a heavy focus on combining high quality lawyers with the right technology to provide the best solution for our clients. Although we have our own purpose built Microsoft based tech stack, we regularly work with preferred technology solutions providers such as Contract Review Software | Summize to create the best legal solution.

Our lawyers and advisors work on a distributed basis – this means they can work from anywhere as our technology solutions are cloud based. That said, we have set up collaboration hubs in a number of cities and also provide digital passes to co-working spaces on a global basis. Our collaboration hubs and co-working spaces also provide meeting room and printing solutions.

At we are heavily focused on bringing groups of people together to provide the right solution to our clients’ legal needs – it’s very much team based or “clusters” as we call them. Rather than just plugging in one advisor to operate by themselves, we look for individuals that can work together as a cohesive unit, ensuring that a scalable practice can be built within our business;

Ways of working with

It’s quite straight forward really. If you are generating clients and revenue by yourself then you should look at arch.portfolio first. This enables you to capture 70% of the revenue billed and paid on the clients that you or someone in your team works on. Our other way of working, arch.resource, is very much focused on those individuals who want to work on an ad hoc basis but don’t have their own relationships to bring onto Our arch.resource members will be provided with work either centrally or from other arch,portfolio members but it is entirely at the discretion of the individual member as to whether they want to take the work on or not;

We do not require exclusivity but it would be very unusual for one of our arch.porfolio members to work on more than one revenue sharing platform. However, we actively encourage our arch.resource members to register on as many platforms as possible so that they can benefit from different work sources;

Each time we on board a new member, we work with them to understand what type of clients they act for on a regular basis. We look at the existing experience of the client and work hard to see if that experience can be made better through a more focused use of technology. Often in larger law firms it is difficult for partners to get the development time they need to provide the right technology solution for a client – if we take you on as a member, we help you understand what that solution is and build it for you which provides benefit for both you and your client relationships;

Arch Law Limited provides the SRA regulated law firm that enables you to provide regulated advice to clients in England and Wales. We provide professional indemnity insurance cover to all of our lawyers and also provide everyone with access to our Microsoft based tech stack. Use of our collaboration hubs is available as is access to our network of co-working spaces, when required.

As a member of, you will also be able to connect with other members on the platform which enables you to generate and obtain referral opportunities. Remember – if you generate a referral opportunity whether as a portfolio or resource member – you will be entitled to up to 15% of the revenue billed and paid on that opportunity.

For those members that need access to document production, we provide third party support through a dedicated App.

Risk management is also provided centrally including access to all policies and procedures as well as on line training tools.

You are responsible for procuring your own practising certificate. If you employ people within your own cluster, you are responsible for their salaries. Any travel  and accommodation or entertaining expense is also your responsibility;

We do not set financial targets. You decide how much you want to earn and that, in turn, determines how hard you work. For the first time in your professional career, probably, you will have a direct correlation between how hard you work and how much you get paid.

Delivery of legal services tends to be a very personal thing. As a result of the global pandemic, lawyers and their clients have inevitably developed a far deeper level of trust than before. The choice of legal advisor is far less about brand now and is far more about working with someone that you trust to get the job done for you. If you are doing a good job for your clients before you move, they are very likely to support you during and after your move.