Our lawyers understand Technology Infrastructure assets.

Having helped deliver technology infrastructure assets for many years we have become one of the world’s leading experts in the sector. 

We advise clients who invest in, develop, monetise and manage the infrastructure that runs the internet and the world’s telecommunications systems. We work with them to create and maximise opportunity and manage risk.

Technology Infrastructure is where the virtual world of the cloud takes on a physical form within the Built Environment

Our clients in this sector are subject to laws addressing traditional physical constraints and risks (e.g. real estate and planning, construction, power, service level agreements, energy and resource usage), in addition to a growing body of regulation concerning issues such as data protection and privacy, data sovereignty, cloud technology, tax and competition. 

Many of these laws have not been drafted with Technology Infrastructure in mind. Working at global scale, with competing laws and requirements, further complicates the situation.

The current shift towards edge computing and the deployment of 5G, delivering advances in proximity and latency, results in more distributed assets and more complex networks. 

We should expect further advancements in smart cities, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, content delivery and autonomous vehicles; all of which we consider to be Emerging Technology

These developments drive the need for a reliably interconnected world.

We know that these are challenging yet fascinating times – times of great advancement, great opportunity, and significant risk.