Jo Mountain from Howden Insurance Brokers Ltd interviews Max Ekstein​

Jo Mountain from Howden Insurance Brokers Ltd interviews Max Ekstein Show Notes Transcript Show Notes Ever wondered how psychological and related practitioners can protect themselves from the pitfalls of claims and complaints? In this episode, we are joined by Max Ekstein from Arch Law who unravels the complexities of safeguarding your practice and reputation. Dive into the […]

Interview with Thomas Wynne CEO of Capsule Insurance

Interview with Thomas Wynne CEO of Capsule Insurance Show Notes Transcript Show Notes In this podcast, we interview Thomas Wynne, the founder, and CEO of Capsule Insurance. Having been part of the team that built a large regional insurance broking business and secured a positive exit, Thomas has “gone again” building Capsule Insurance Brokers. In […]

Interview with Andrew Fahey, CEO of Brookson Group

Hello and welcome to the arch law podcast, delivering legal solutions differently. My name is Andrew Leaitherland and I am the founder and CEO of arch law limited today. I’m joined by Andrew Fahey. Welcome Andrew. Nice to be. Nice to see you. You’ve had a busy, old time, which we’ll talk about in a […]

Interview with Roei Samuel, Founder and CEO of Connectd

IIn this podcast I am delighted to be joined by Roei Samuel, the founder and CEO of Connectd, the business that brings together startups, funders and business advisors. We talk about the trials and tribulations of being a start up as well as the importance of embedding culture and values from an early stage. Roei […]

Marcus McCarthy – Founder of Nexus Law Australia

In this episode, I talk to Marcus McCarthy who was the Founder of Nexus Law in Australia. Marcus provides great insight into the legal marketplace in Australia today and draws some parallels with the UK marketplace particularly around the use of technology and different ways of working. Finally, we talk about what it means for […]

Interview with arch.portfolio member Charlotte le Maire regarding arch.fleet

In this episode I interview arch.portfolio member Charlotte le Maire. Charlotte is a regulatory lawyer, specialising in criminal motor matters. We talk about how Charlotte has taken a criminal regulatory practice dealing with police investigations into incidents relating to fleet drivers, into a full legal solution delivered differently. Charlotte also provides her views on the […]

Flinder – Interview with Alastair Barlow, Co Founder of Flinder

After far too long a break I am delighted to release our latest podcast where I have the pleasure in interviewing Alastair Barlow, Co Founder of Flinder. In this podcast we talk about how Flinder have moved to disrupt the delivery of accountancy services and draw some parallels with  what is doing in legal […]

The Legal Director, interview with Ed Simpson, Founder and CEO

Dom Burch (00:14):Welcome back to arch dot law’s podcast, delivering legal solutions differently. I’m delighted this week that Andrew is joined on the podcast by Ed Simpson, Andrew.Andrew Leaitherland (00:25):Thanks Dom. Hi Ed, how are you?Ed Simpson (00:27):I’m very well, Andrew, how are you doing today?Andrew Leaitherland (00:28):Yeah, I’m all right. Thank you. Nice and […]

Interview with Alistair Maiden, SYKE Tech

Dom Burch 0:11Welcome back to’s podcast with me Dom Burch. I’m delighted this week on ‘delivering legal solutions differently’ that Andrew is joined on the virtual sofa by Alastair Maiden. Alistair is the founder and chief exec of SYKE. Andrew. Andrew Leaitherland 0:27Thanks, Dom. I Alistair how are you?I Alistair Maiden 0:29Very good. Thank […]

Podcast – the very beginning – – what’s it all about?

Transcript: Dom Burch 0:15Welcome to the first episode of Arch Law’s podcast. I’m delighted this week to be joined by Arch Law CEO and founder Andrew Leaitherland. So why don’t you just start off by telling us a little bit about yourself. Andrew Leaitherland 0:29My name is Andrew Leaitherland, I am a solicitor have been […]