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William Mackenzie


T: +44 (0)3332 423976

William is a Costs Lawyer and has been working in costs litigation for 14 years.  He undertakes both paying and receiving party work and conducts matters from cradle to grave, to include advocacy.

William has an interest in complex costs litigation and was previously the Head of the London Costs team at a leading international law firm.

 Work undertaken 

  • Costs budgeting to include budget discussion reports
  • Schedules of costs
  • Bills of costs
  • Points of dispute
  • Replies to points of dispute
  • Attendance at hearings/detailed assessment
  • Fixed costs
  • Legal Project Management
  • Mediations and JSMs
  • Specific legal costs training/strategy


Notable litigation and Achievements 

  • Led costs management on British Airways data breach claims, successfully striking out £1m of advertising costs. Law gazette article At a further hearing costs budgets for the individual claimants totaled over £50m, with savings achieved of £10m+.
  • Spoke at the Association of Costs Lawyers conference alongside eminent professionals such as Lord justice Briggs, Dominic Regan and other costs silks.
  • Undertook paper costs budgeting exercise on paper in a class action of 142 claimants, achieving reductions to opponents’ estimated costs from £4.47m to £2.43m.
  • Successfully overturned a provisional assessment at an oral hearing and limited opponents costs to fixed costs where there had been an exaggeration of the claim to avoid allocation to the fast track.
  • Achieved strike out of claim for costs after establishing the opponents CFA breached LASPO 2012.
  • An interest in development and implementation of technology into current processes; leading to greater efficiency and results.
  • Devised and managed the rollout of a Legal Project Management service.
  • Technical lead across all DWF costs departments which involved setting the strategic litigation for the teams and working with other departments, such as the personal injury teams to ensure best practice in relation to matter management.
  • Provided training to clients on costs budgeting, fixed costs and legal updates.