Resume - Warrick Hawkins

arch.portfolio member

Warrick practices exclusively in the area of Family Law.

Warrick has extensive experience in all facets of family law including but not limited to the following: property and parenting matters, recovery of children, international Hague matters, domestic relocation, contravention and recovery of children applications, serious matters involving family violence, property adjustment, financial agreements, child support, spousal maintenance and divorce applications.
Warrick has previously worked in Commercial finance for some of the world’s largest companies, including being based in Asia. Warrick has an extensive background in commercial matters and is more than capable of assisting parties in complex property matters where trusts and complex business or financial agreements are to be navigated.
Having been an Independent Children’s Lawyer for a number of years Warrick always act in the best interests of the children and will always try to resolve matters through negotiation or mediation, however if a matter needs Judicial determination Warrick is known as being a formidable advocate.

When Warrick is not applying his trade he can be found in the surf on the southern beaches.

“I am grateful for the advice and support you gave me throughout my complicated case this year.” – S

“My case was really complex, and I had been lost in the legal system for over 6 years. Despite spending tens of thousands of dollars, nothing had changed for my daughter and I. I was completely and utterly exhausted and hopeless, and then I met Warrick!

Warrick has absolutely outstanding insight into family situations and even with the complexity of our case,  it only took a couple of conversations for Warrick to understand year’s worth of events and come up with a plan.

Warrick’s focus did not waiver from the start to the finish of our case and we got what we wanted in Court every single time.

Warrick’s compassion and honesty combined with his extensive knowledge of the legal system was so reassuring  and for the first time in years I didn’t feel stressed throughout the entire process.” –  S

“Just wanted to thank you for your time and care Warrick. It looks like most things are being solved. I have an AVO now that already made lots of positive changes. Thank you.” – K

“I just wanted to tell you that I, C, S and all our family are eternally grateful for all the hard work you did to keep our family together. I was Blessed to have you put in my path during this difficult time. Eternally grateful.” –  R

“I would consider Warrick an SME (subject matter expert) in complex and sensitive family law. He showed a deep sense of empathy to the outcome I wanted to achieve for my sons; he built a level of trust in a short amount of time as well as going above & beyond in preparing for my matter. He was relentless in seeking the right outcome for all parties and to great success.” – L