Our Collaborators


We recognise that the preparation and review of contracts is hugely time consuming but massively important to effectively manage risk on an organisation. That’s why we have partnered with Summize to provide the right technology solution for contract review.


Farillio provides founders, start ups and smaller businesses with access to legal documentation and advice on a monthly subscription based service.


We have partnered with Brookson One to ensure that we have the most efficient processes and systems available to support those people that work with arch.law under either arch.portfolio, arch.resource or arch.direct. 


As the leader in its field, The Legal Director is a fully regulated law firm that provides businesses with high-calibre, experienced in-house lawyers on a part-time or flexible basis. By working as an integral part of a client’s business, and by delivering legal advice from a commercial perspective, we can demonstrably save our clients significant amounts of money and directors’ time. The Legal Director is the most transparent, cost-effective way of embedding a General Counsel within your business.


SYKE is the fastest growing independent legal tech consultancy in the world, employing more than 75 lawyers and former lawyers, each one a specialist in legal engineering. Our collaboration with Syke allows us to offer our clients an integrated solution that combines the right high quality lawyer with the right technology solution for the client.

The businesses that we collaborate with have been carefully chosen to ensure that we can provide the right solution for our clients by working together collaboratively with our respective areas of expertise.