Bitcoin too volatile to be used as a security, say High Court

By William Mackenzie – arch.portfolio member. I previously covered the security for costs application in the litigation brought by Craig Wright’s company, Tulip Trading (the Claimant) against the developers of BSV. Master Clark had ordered that the claimant provide security for costs in principle with the parties sent away to try and agree the sum […]

arch recruitment 2022

Arch Recruitment 2022 Introduction from our founder on working with Apply to today

Marcus McCarthy – Founder of Nexus Law Australia

In this episode, I talk to Marcus McCarthy who was the Founder of Nexus Law in Australia. Marcus provides great insight into the legal marketplace in Australia today and draws some parallels with the UK marketplace particularly around the use of technology and different ways of working. Finally, we talk about what it means for […]

Resume – Warrick Hawkins

Resume – Warrick Hawkins arch.portfolio member LinkedIn Add vCard Warrick practices exclusive in the area of Family Law.Warrick has extensive experience in all facets of family law including but not limited to the following: property and parenting matters, recovery of children, international Hague matters, domestic relocation, contravention and recovery of children applications, serious matters involving […]

Resume – Eve Cross

Resume – Eve Cross arch.portfolio member LinkedIn Add vCard Resume coming soon…

Resume – Michael Holmes

Resume – Michael Holmes arch.portfolio member LinkedIn Add vCard Michael is a highly experienced commercial lawyer having spent 10 years in private practice and 10 years as a barrister (8th Floor Wentworth Chambers/7th Floor Windeyer Chambers). Michael has extensive experience in contracts, corporations, equity, trade practices/consumer law, intellectual property, property, torts, insurance, insolvency and debt […]