We specialise in projects where the usual rules do not apply.

Our clients in this sector are visionaries and entrepreneurs, who are pioneering the development and use of emerging technology. In such scenarios, the law often lags behind the technological innovation. 

There may be no legal precedent, few guidelines on commercial models, and a regulatory environment that hinders rather than supports. We help our clients break through the barriers.

Our clients might be early stage companies, looking to move from proof of concept to early deployment, or the innovation teams of more established players. 

They may need help creating commercial models, or deciphering laws and regulations written without them in mind. 

They might be working on projects involving autonomous vehicles, drone technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented and virtual reality and the like.

Or our clients might be looking to incorporate Emerging Technology into their projects, concerned about scalability and the long-term risks of basing projects on technology which may become obsolete or unsupported in the future.

We connect clients to people who might help them bring their vision to fruition.