We help well-established businesses and fledgling start-ups manage their digital disruption.

The rapid shift toward new business models and new delivery channels creates opportunity and risk.

Digital transformation has revolutionised the way that many businesses operate and has shone a spotlight on the use and management of data. Businesses are now aware of the value of their data, and are keen to analyse the insights it holds. 

We help clients to safely monetise their data assets, and to outsource their operations or share their data with business partners. Where things go wrong, we help clients respond to cybersecurity and data protection incidents, and contractual disputes.

Businesses are able to build solutions with agility in virtual environments and deploy them with speed at global scale. Traditional IT portfolios are diminishing, whilst businesses shift to SaaS and cloud-based products.

We advise clients on research and development, support those developing or procuring software and hardware products and then with the licensing and distribution of those products. We also advise those who are investing in or acquiring technology businesses (or are the businesses being acquired).

We work with clients sunsetting legacy systems and transitioning their operations and infrastructure to the cloud. We also advise clients who are implementing solutions based on Emerging Technology, such as blockchain, AR/VR, robotics and artificial intelligence.