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Clarence Leung


T: +612 9016 0141

Clarence is a senior lawyer with over two decades of experience in trusts, elder law, commercial litigation, estate planning and migration law.

Proficiently tri-lingual, Clarence is a dedicated Private Client Lawyer and is skilled in working with clients of varied background and has acted on disputed matters for clients from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, South Korea and Japan.

He works with individuals, families and trustees in respect of long-term succession planning needs, governance and estate-related issues.

Clarence holds a Bachelor of Social Work (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Bachelor of Economics (University of London), Bachelor of Laws (University of London), Diploma in Law (University of Sydney) and Masters of Laws (Specialising in Trusts and Equity- University of London).

Clarence is currently a candidate for the Masters of Applied Law in Estate Planning, College of Law, NSW.

A full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)- a world-wide organization advising families across many jurisdictions-he has also completed the STEP Advanced Certificate in Cross-Border Estates.

Before admission as a solicitor, Clarence was a research director, a staff writer and a social worker. 

Clarence says: “For over 23 years, I have been privileged to practise law in NSW and to be trusted to provide assistance and advice to hundreds of clients and their families- mostly those who are confounded by property transaction, trust disputes and asset-protection matters.”

Clarence enjoys working with people, swimming and poetry.


  • In 2022, represented an attorney and guardian and brought proceedings under the protective jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of NSW about a senior citizen who has dementia 
  • In 2019-21, acted for a Malaysian family bringing multi-million dollars restitution proceedings against an Australian company and a resident trustee in relation to cross-generation wealth transfer and trust disputes
  • In 2014-16, represented a Hong Kong enterprise against Australian companies which engaged in fraudulent transactions, resulting in a resident being banned by ASIC for managing companies for a maximum of 5 years following the illegal phoenix activities and misconduct
  • In 2009-2012, conducted a multi-million dollars international case about a $20 million misrepresentation claim, on behalf of a PRC company, against 2 listed companies in Hong Kong and Australia.