A specialist debt recovery solution.

Cash flow is critical for any business: that’s why it’s essential to ensure your company collects its cash. Failure to do so can result in an inability to invest in your business, your company incurring the cost of borrowing money to plug cash flow gaps, or even worse, business failure.
Good businesses fail every day. They simply run out of cash. So, while recovering your debts can be challenging when people don’t pay, it’s important to resolve any dispute swiftly and seamlessly.
arch.debt has been designed to take this stress away, delivering legal solutions differently – collecting your cash quickly and at no cost to you.

How are we different? 

  • We take advantage of late payment of debt legislation to pass our costs of collection on to your debtor.
  • We collect your debt and recover our costs from those who owe you money.
  • If we recover, your debt will be paid in full.
  • We act immediately, working at risk.
Businesswoman get stressed and headache while having a problem at work in office

arch.debt offers a unique, affordable and efficient debt recovery solution.

We are able to recover large portfolios of debt or just a single debt – no debt is too large or too small. We can also advise on your credit control systems.

If the debt is disputed we can mediate to try and get you a resolution. If unsuccessful, we can litigate to secure a judgment, although additional fees will apply for this work.

Operating within the jurisdiction of England and Wales, we collect debts in all parts of the UK and internationally.

Our specialist team will assess your claim quickly and, if approved, will work at risk to recover all monies owed. We aim to send out letters before action on the same day that you instruct us. Our ability to move swiftly benefits your business as we accelerate the return of cash into the system.

Who do we work for?

Some of our clients are businesses we collected debt from on behalf of others. They were so impressed with our service, they wanted us to do it for them!

It’s a highly effective approach that consistently delivers happy clients with positive cash flow and no bad debt.

A little about us

At we combine leading edge technology with
high quality lawyers and advisors to deliver legal
solutions differently for our clients.

We recognise that law is not simply a service – our
clients need a solution that allows them to rectify their
problem or maximise their opportunity.

Our Team 

Alex Irwin

arch.resource member

Alex specialises in Commercial Debt Recovery, with a proven track record in recovering funds for businesses who require quick and decisive action. With over 10 years of experience in the sector acting for a wide range of clients including Debt Collection Agencies, SME’s and large businesses on undisputed and disputed matters. Alex specialises in cases which involve Winding Up and Bankruptcy Petitions. Alex also provides ongoing advice and support to clients on credit control procedures to ensure best possible practice and improve cashflow for clients.

Paul Marsh

arch.portfolio member

Paul advises secured and unsecured creditors in all aspects of insolvency law, protecting their interests when confronted with customer insolvencies. This includes robust recovery strategies to recover monies before the onset of formal insolvency. Paul also advises on improved credit control procedures to improve working capital for clients. Paul’s clients are insolvency practitioners, multinationals and boutique clients, acting for them in matters including liquidations, bankruptcies and voluntary arrangements. Paul also specialises in high value fraud cases, often cross-jurisdictional, as well as advising company directors on their own personal positions when dealing with a company facing insolvency.