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Our Australian fixed-fee conveyancing solution

Embrace fixed-fee conveyancing. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned property investor, or dealing with more complex property dealings, our team of experienced professionals is ready to provide support at every step of the way.

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Fixed fee is for professional fees only. Standard disbursements and statutory costs may apply.

Up to $1 Million

Secure fixed-fee conveyancing for any property sale or purchase under $1 million.

$1 to $2 Million

Thorough and reliable fixed-fee conveyancing for any property sale or purchase priced between $1 million and $2 million.

Over $3 Million

Expert fixed-fee conveyancing for high-value real estate sales or purchases valued at over $3 million.

Need Legal advice?

If you have any concerns regarding a real estate transaction or draft contract contact us today for a fixed-fee consultation or contract review. 

Contract Review


We offer consultations for reviewing draft (unsigned) contracts either at our office or remotely via telephone or videoconference. Essential for legal protection and compliance, these reviews help clarify rights, obligations, and potential risks. Typically, we can schedule your session within two business days for prompt and convenient service.



Book a fixed-fee, one-hour consultation with our experienced property lawyers for expert guidance on signed contracts or settlement issues. Receive clear advice on property agreements and disputes, followed by a detailed written quote for any further legal services needed to make informed decisions.


Fixed Fee Pricing

Our fixed professional fee model ensures clear and predictable costs for legal services in property transactions, allowing clients to budget with confidence and without fear of unexpected charges.

Comprehensive Coverage

We provide comprehensive conveyancing services across NSW, VIC, WA, and QLD, ensuring that wherever you’re buying or selling property in these regions, our expert legal support is readily available.

Personalised Service

We deliver tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client, adapting our strategies to align with individual requirements and objectives. This personalised approach ensures that every client receives dedicated attention and customised support during their property transactions.

Expert Guidance

Our team of skilled professionals offers reliable support throughout the entire property transaction process. From initial consultation to final settlement, we provide expert advice and handle all legal details, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

Support for First-Time Buyers

We assist first-time home buyers by streamlining the property buying process and offering detailed guidance on securing financial assistance and grants. Our approach simplifies complex procedures, making it easier for new buyers to navigate the market and take advantage of available funding opportunities.


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After you accept our quote, we handle all steps to settlement, keeping you informed throughout the process.
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At Arch.Law, our property transaction process is meticulously designed to ensure that our clients are well-informed and prepared at every stage.

Contract Review: We start by having a conveyancer or property law solicitor thoroughly review the contract to ensure our clients are fully informed.

Negotiations Pre-Exchange: Following professional advice, we negotiate terms such as inclusions, settlement dates, or early occupation on your behalf.

Post-Exchange: After contract signing, we conduct due diligence, coordinate with banks, and handle necessary legal steps like stamp duty and tax clearances.

Settlement: Before settlement, we advise on the final steps, including payment details and the process for officially changing ownership.


Our streamlined property sale process is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction:

Contract Preparation: We prepare the Contract for Sale and tailor special conditions for your needs. Simply complete our vendor questionnaire to provide the essential details.

Negotiations Pre-Exchange: Once an offer is accepted, our licensed professionals manage all negotiations to secure favorable terms, ensuring the deposit is paid and the contract is correctly signed.

Post-Exchange: We manage mortgage discharges, authority notifications, tax clearances, and prepare the sale transfer and settlement workspace. 

Settlement: Receive clear guidance about what to expect on settlement day, including detailed financial breakdowns and final payments.


As a registered PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) agent, we provide seamless and secure online property transaction services:

Digital Management: We establish and oversee your matter’s digital workspace, where we prepare and securely electronically sign all crucial documentation.

Financial Coordination: We carefully manage the financial aspects, creating detailed settlement schedules in PEXA to guarantee precise fund distribution.

Automated Settlement: On the designated settlement day, PEXA automatically executes the financial transactions and files the necessary documents, ensuring a prompt and error-free completion.

Transparency: Throughout the process, you’ll receive real-time updates, and following settlement, immediate confirmation along with access to all pertinent documents for your records.


A property lawyer will ensure your contract adheres to legal standards, clearly define all terms, and help you understand your rights and obligations. Their expertise helps prevent future legal issues and protects your interests during property transactions.

We typically offer a quick turnaround for contract reviews, but to ensure we meet your specific deadline, it’s best to give us a call and confirm the timeframe.

Yes, we charge a fee for each contract review. If you’re considering multiple properties, please contact us to discuss how we can assist.

Disbursements are the necessary expenses that conveyancers or solicitors pay on behalf of their clients during the property transaction process. These include payments for essential tasks like land title searches, registration fees, and obtaining local government certificates. These costs are passed directly to the client at cost, separate from professional fees. 

Property searches are detailed inquiries made to gather important legal and regulatory information about a property before a transaction. These searches can include checking for legal ownership, outstanding liens, zoning regulations, environmental risks etc. to ensure there are no hidden problems or restrictions.

In a purchase contract, key elements such as the sale price, deposit requirements, and settlement periods are discussed alongside other important factors like cooling-off periods. These topics are essential to understanding the responsibilities and timelines that will affect your transaction.

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*Our quote is based on the information provided.

Fixed fee is for professional fees only. Standard disbursements and statutory costs may apply.

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