Is No News Ever Good News?- Facebook’s Australian dilemma

by Ursula Mulvaney, arch.resource member In the midst of a global pandemic, Big Tech continues to attract headline news with competition law, consumer protection, regulation and privacy continuing to intersect.  Over the last week we watched a “proxy battle” for the world as Australia sought to challenge the dominance of Facebook and Google in the […]

It’s a tough gig… – The Uber ruling

On Friday 19th February the Supreme Court passed down its ruling in Uber BV and others (appellants) v Aslam and others (Respondents) [2021] UKSC 5. The Supreme Court ruled that Uber was not entitled to classify is drivers as independent contractors. The drivers should be classified as workers rather than employees but even as workers […]

Podcast – the very beginning – – what’s it all about?

Transcript: Dom Burch 0:15Welcome to the first episode of Arch Law’s podcast. I’m delighted this week to be joined by Arch Law CEO and founder Andrew Leaitherland. So why don’t you just start off by telling us a little bit about yourself. Andrew Leaitherland 0:29My name is Andrew Leaitherland, I am a solicitor have been […]

The future of law firms?

I’ve spent quite some time contemplating what the answer to this question should be. It’s rather relevant to as we build a law firm for the future rather than one rooted in the past. One thing is for sure – law firms can’t stay the same.. or if they do they will miss a […]